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Dr. Earl Anderson's Core Alignment provides long lasting health benefits.

Core Alignment
  … Restores the body's balance
  … Increases range of motion
  … Opens up the healing channels of the body
                         … Improves blood flow to the brain
                         … Restores flexibility to muscles that were straining
                         … Takes pressure off the brain stem
                         … Can lower high blood pressure
                         … Improve mental acuity
                         … Eliminate neck and back pain
                         … Stop migraine headaches
                         … Improve vision
                         … Restore sense of smell
                         … End plantar fascitis
                         … and

    Anderson Health & Healing, LLC is all about helping you achieve the level of health that is, at present, eluding you in a comprehensive and efficient manner. Life is precious. We want you to be able to fully experience all that you wish for.

    A lifetime of good health often begins with discovery - - discovery of what is preventing good health. Anderson Health & Healing, LLC is here to help you discover your path to vibrant health.

Discovery provides the pathway toward the return to good health.

     The human body was structurally designed to keep you upright and balanced. If 90% of your body's energy is spent keeping your structure in balance that would leave the remaining 10% of your energy to operate your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and so on. When structure goes out of balance, the body taps into that 10%. As a result over all health and well being begins to diminish.

     Symptoms can either immediately or gradually appear. Suppressing symptoms doesn't fix the problem. It rather adds to the problem. Core Alignment will open up the communications pathways enabling your body to redistribute its energies and effect overall healing.

     Discovery plays a big part in our roll as health care practice. Discovery begins with a thorough understanding of how the body works and what it is trying to communicate through the various symptoms it expresses.

Common Signs / Symptoms of  Misalignment:

  •  Headaches
  •  Migraines
  •  Blurred Vision
  •  Diminished Color Vision
  •  Fuzzy or Confused Thinking
  •  Neck Pain
  •  Limited Mobility
  •  Numbness & Tingling
  •  Decreased Circulation
  •  Muscle Imbalances
  •  Acid Reflux
  •  Joint Aches / Stiffness
  •  Neurological Tics, Spasms, Seizures
  •  Difficulty Breathing
  •  Low Back Pain
  •  Hip Pain
  •  Knee Pain
  •  Foot Pain
  •  Bladder issues
  •  Chronic Fatigue
  •  Blood Pressure instability
  •  Sleep disturbances
  •  Mood Swings
  ... just to name a few.

A Misaligned Spine Interferes with Nerve and Blood Flow

Accidents and Injuries tear loose the connective tissues that hold your spine together resulting in a weakness allowing your body to break down locking your head, spine and pelvis into a stressed position.

Identifying it is Easy

  • Lying down, one of your legs is longer and the other shorter.
  • Standing up, one of your hips is higher and one lower.
  • Your spine twists to the right or left side.
  • And your head usually leans to the right or to the left.
  • Muscles are imbalanced
  • Movement is abnormal.

If diagnosis and treatment are not sought, it at first goes undetected. You get used to living like this, accepting it as normal. Untreated it gets worse over time. The spinal bones and discs break down. This misaligned condition becomes progressive and degenerative. The longer your spine is misaligned the worse it gets. Eventually your symptoms are severe enough to get your attention.

The Misaligned Spine Causes Many Problems

  • Limits movement and reduces function ~ Although you can still move and function, the
     limitation is always there.
  • The vertebral joints and discs break down and degenerate.
  • Your nervous system is compromised and dysfunctional.
  • Sensation, movement, circulation, digestion, respiration, reproduction, cognition and emotion
     can be effected.

Your symptoms may be structural

  • Involving the muscles, joints and discs of your neck, back and pelvis,
  • From the uneven stress on the spinal disc from the misalignment the disc goes through five
     stages: wedge, bulge, protrude, herniated and rupture.
  • Also involved are your shoulders, hips and knees.
  • Your symptoms can include stiffness, cramping, pain, numbness, tingling, shaking, lack of
     sensation, weakness, inflammation and degeneration.

Your symptoms may be related to the nervous system

  • Other problems relate to the mechanical tension on your brain, brain stem, spinal cord and
     the nerves exiting your spine and their functions that they control and regulate.
  • Your symptoms related directly to the nervous system can include seizures, learning
     disabilities, emotional disturbances, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches
     and disequilibrium.

Symptoms related to the functions regulated & controlled by the nerves

  • Other symptoms can include respiratory complications (allergies, asthma and shortness of
     breath), digestive disturbances (acid reflux, indigestion, IBS, spastic colon), circulatory
     problems (cold hands or feet), reproductive problems (dysmenorrhea, infertility, ED), hormone
     imbalances and altered body chemistry.
  • Weakened body functions can also set the stage for infections and dis-ease and reduce the
     body’s natural ability to heal from many diseases and conditions.
  • Loss of normal functioning of the nerves can limit the ability of the body to heal from trauma
     and prevent use all of its resources to fight and heal from diseases. Correcting the spinal
     misalignment is not a treatment for cancer, diabetes or Parkinson’s disease, but a normally
     functioning nervous system is necessary to allow the body to effectively deal with these and
     many other diseases.

When the spine is misaligned the symptoms may include any of the following:

    • Headaches
    • Neck Pain
    • Muscle Spasms
    • Tension in Neck, Shoulders, Back or Hips
    • Back & Hip Pain

The twisting and the abnormal movement of the shoulder girdle, the rib cage, the pelvis and the knees can break down these joints too.

    • Shoulder, Arm or Wrist Pain
    • Hip or Knee Pain
    • Ankle or Foot Pain

The individual discs go through five stages as they break down from the abnormal twisted misaligned position of the spine. They become:

    • Wedged
    • Bulged
    • Protruded
    • Herniated
    • Ruptured

As the discs go through these stages there may or may not be pain until the disc is ruptured.

As the spine continues to break down the diagnosis of conditions and disease will be more severe as the inflammation and degeneration progress

    • Arthritis                                              • Spondylosis
    • Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)    • Spondylolysthesis
    • Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)    • Stenosis

Nerves are involved coming from the spine that carry sensation to the brain and make muscles move. When they are in distress you may feel

    • Burning, Numbness and /or Tingling
    • Pain radiating down an arm or leg
    • Weakness and loss of muscle tone
    • Leg cramps
    • Cold Hands and / or Feet
    • Neuropathy

Nerves regulate and control all of the other body systems and can affect

    • Circulation
    • Respiration
    • Digestion
    • Hormones (Endocrine Function)
    • Reproduction

The brain, brain stem, spinal cord and cranial nerves may be compromised and affect

    • Cognition        • Awareness       • Perception         • Learning
    • Attention        • Memory            • Sleeping            • Personality
    • Hearing          • Sight                • Smell                 • Taste

The mechanical stress or tension of the misalignment compromises the functioning of the nervous system and causes a long list of associated pain, symptoms, conditions & diseases:

    Acid Stomach                                  Irregular Heart Beat
    Acid Reflux                                      Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Allergies & Sinusitis                        Incontinence
    Asthma                                            Indigestion
    Bell’s Palsy                                      Low Energy
    Bursitis Shoulder / Elbow                Loss of Balance
    Bronchitis                                         Migraine Headache
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                 Mitral Valve Prolapse
    Chronic Fatigue                                Nervous Stomach
    Crossed Eyes                                   Pneumonia
    Constipation                                     Plantar Fasciitis
    Colitis                                               Ringing / Buzzing in Ears (Tinnitis)
    Difficulty Sleeping (Insomnia)           Restless Leg Syndrome
    Dry Eyes                                          Sensitive Teeth
    Fibromyalgia                                    Sciatica
    Frequent Urination                           Shin Splints
    Frozen Shoulder                              Seizures
    Hearing Loss                                    Trigeminal Neuralgia
    Headaches                                       TMJ Disorder
    Hemorrhoids                                     Torticollis
    Hypertension                                    Urinary Tract Infections
                                                             Vertigo (Dizziness)
For Women

    Cramping and Bloating
    Irregular Cycles
    Painful Menses

For Men

    Sexual Dysfunction
    Swollen Prostate

For Children

    Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD & ADHD)
    Chronic Infections
    Crossed Eyes
    Growing Pains
    Learning Disabilities
    Nervous Stomach
    Restless Nights
    Tourette Syndrome

Correcting the spinal misalignment and restoring normal function to the nervous system supports the body when other diseases are present.

    Anterior Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Parkinson’s Disease

What can we do about it?

     With proper diagnosis and care symptoms can often be eliminated. Core Alignment can open up the healing channels of the body with profound long lasting results. Below is a partial list of techniques and therapies that could be used to help you on your path to renewed vitality. All care provided at Anderson Health & Healing, LLC is gentle and very powerful.

Chiropractic Techniques and Therapies
such as:
  •  Core Alignment
  •  Activator
  •  Applied Kineseology
  •  Grostic
  •  Bio-Cranial
  •  Cold Laser
  •  Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
  •  Nimmo Receptor Tonus Technique
      •  Jennettics
      •  Bionic HydroTherapy
      •  NUCCA
      •  Extremity Realignment
      •  Myofascial Release
      •  Nutritional Counseling
      •  Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT)
      •  Therapeutic Exercise
      •  Neuromuscular Re-education

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Dr. Anderson has been a NUCCA practitioner since 1998.

Also available ...

Bionic HydroTherapy aids the body to balance internally by reducing
inflammation and removing toxins. This in turn can boost the function
of the kidneys, liver and immune system. Bionic HydroTherapy has
been used in this office for over 12 years with positive therapeutic